Mt. Rainier & Crystal Mountain Lodging

What time does the road to Sunrise close each day?


In summer, the road to Sunrise is always open.

What is the normal entrance fee?


The entrance fee is $25 for a private, noncommercial vehicle or $10 for each visitor 16 and older entering by motorcycle, bicycle, horseback, on foot, or for individuals traveling together as a non-commercial, organized group. The fee for a motorcycle and one passenger is $20. These fees provide the visitor with a 7-day entrance permit for Mount Rainier National Park. The $50 Mt. Rainier annual park pass covers entrance fees for the pass holder and accompanying passengers in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle at Mount Rainier National Park for one year beginning on the date of purchase.

There are other Passes available such as Senior, Access and Military.

Click here for information on the Mt. Rainier National Park website.

What are the addresses in the Mt. Rainier so I can use a mapping program for driving directions?


Sunrise: 70002 SR Hwy 410 E, Enumclaw, WA 98022
Crystal Mountain: 33914 Crystal Mountain Blvd., Crystal Mountain, WA 98022
Longmire or Paradise: Ashford, WA 98304.

Where can I get good cell phone coverage?


Most major carriers have full coverage at Crystal Mountain, Sunrise and Paradise. Information on specific areas and carriers can be found here.

What will the weather be like?


Visitors should be aware that mountain weather is very changeable. Be prepared for unseasonable weather at all times of the year. It can be warm in the spring and cold in the summer. Be prepared with sunscreen and raincoats. Use common sense if you are hiking by wearing sturdy shoes and always carry the 10 Essentials.

When do the roads in the area open?


Highway 410 from Enumclaw to the Crystal Mountain turnoff is open year-round. For 2016, Highway 410 into Mt. Rainier National Park opened in mid-April and Highway 123 from the south opened at the same time. Highway 410 across Chinook Pass opened May 20 as did the Sunrise Road to the White River Campground. The road to the very top of Sunrise usually opens to vehicle traffic in late June. (It is possible to ride bikes and hike up to Sunrise before the road opens to vehicles when maintenance operations are not in progress.) Roads into Mt. Rainier National Park from this side close for the winter in the late Fall. You can check Mt. Rainier road status  here.

What are the 10 Essentials?


Map, compass, extra food, extra clothing, first aid kit, sunglasses, headlamp/flashlight, knife, fire starter, waterproof matches.

When can I see wildflowers?


July and August are peak months for viewing wildflowers, however even into September they create a magnificent display. Flowers at Sunrise typically start appearing in early July, while those at Chinook Pass/Tipsoo Lake come out later, and typically bloom all the way through August. The lodging providers can usually help you find the best wildflowers at the time you’re visiting.

How far is it from ____ to _____ (one way)?


Seattle to Crystal Mountain: 82 mi (132 km) / 1 hr 48 min

Seattle to Sunrise: 96 mi (154 km) / 2 hr 20 min

Crystal Mountain to Sunrise turnoff: 11 mi (18 km) / 19 min

Sunrise/White River turnoff to Sunrise: 14 mi (27 km) / 40 min

Crystal Mountain to Ohanapecosh/Stevens Canyon Entrance  25 mi (40km) / 34 min

Sunrise Turnoff to Ohanapecosh/Stevens Canyon Entrance 14 mi (22km) / 19 min

The Sunrise/White River turnoff to Sunrise: 14 mi (27 km) / 45 min

Sunrise to Ohanapecosh: 32 mi (51 km) / 1 hr 6 min

Crystal Mountain to Paradise:  46 miles 1 hr 5 min

Sunrise to Paradise: 58 mi (109 km) / 2 hr 11 min

Sunrise to Longmire: 68 mi (93 km) / 1 hr 53 min

Seattle to Paradise via SR 410 and Enumclaw: 109 mi (175 km) / 3 hrs

Yakima to Sunrise: 89 mi (159 km) / 2 hrs 16 min

Yakima to Crystal Mountain:  84 mi (135km) / 1 hour 49 min